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Turkey is the third country of Russians buying property

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Turkey is the third country of Russians buying property    (11.02.2010)

Doki  Estate Research report, in 2009 Russian citizens abroad which were purchased real estate worth $ 11.3 billion emerged. Russians buy up property he bought in Turkey are among countries. Bulgaria real estate, while countries which were most Russians, the second biggest and third biggest Turkey took place in Spain. The Russians had a deep interest in the U.S. and Israel among the recruiting countries.

Recorded a 21 per cent compared to most in Bulgaria is preferable according to the report, Bulgaria has maintained throughout the year made üstünlügünü satislarda continuously. Yasanmasina 8 percent decrease in the second half of the year, although still in the leading position compared to other countries continued to stay. Dokie experts, noting yasanacagini changes in the property sector in 2010, Spain and Israel, the right weight kayabilecegini said. According to the report, with Spain second biggest recruiting rate of 17 percent. Russian experts in Turkey's real estate and credit kolayliklari preference means that due to attractive offers.

Scholars about the house or apartment, prefer Turkey 12 percent of those rate According to this ratio, the Russians in Turkey in 2009 was awarded one billion 356 million dollars buying real estate. Gordon real estate agency in Rock 2009, an international research study, the first nine month of occupation throughout the customer buying property in Turkey, most Russian and CIS nationals açiklamisti oldugunu.

Russians prefer the real estate 10'la percent in the United States fourth, fifth row 9'la percent took place in Israel. Israel and Italy 5.8 percent, 4.8 percent and the Czech Republic, Germany with 4.6 percent, percentage 3.6 compared wrap Croatia and Montenegro, Cyprus was followed by 3.4 percent. Russians by the French rate of 03.01 per cent interest in the property sector.

Most popular in Bulgaria,

1 - Bulgaria 21
2 - Spain 17
3 - Turkey 12
4 - U.S. 10
5 - Israel 9
6 - Italy 05.08
7 - Czech Fri 4.8
8 - Germany 06.04
9 - Croatia 03.06
10 - France 03.01
Was held on 15 billion dollars in sales

Tourism researches Derneginin (TURAD) survey estimates that occupation, entry into force of laws regulating the sale of real estate foreigners since 2003 was conducted at approximately 15 billion dollars sales.

Remained under 1 billion dollars in 2003 sales, $ 1.3 billion in 2004, 2005, reached 1.8 billion dollars. Sales, the annual three billion dollars in the 2006-2008 period was in the watch. This happened in 2009 at $ 1.5 billion figure.